Aloe Vera
Original, Lychee & Peach
$4 / $4.5 / $5
Cappuccino, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Latte, Chai Latte, Flat White, Dirty Chai & Long Black. Piccolo & Short Black (Small Only)
Extras: Additional Shot $1.0, Soy/Almond Milk/Oat/ Lactose Free $1.0
Energy & Sports Drinks
$5 / $6
V, V Sugar Free, Redbull, Redbull Sugar Free & Powerade
Fresh Juice
Upto 3 Selections Orange, Pineapple, Apple, Watermelon, Carrot, Green Juice
(+ Ginger Shot $1.0)
Ice Coffees
Latte, Mocha, Chai Latte & Long Black
(+ Shot of Vanilla/Caramel or Hazelnut $0.5)
Ice Crushers
Peach Ice Tea, Lemon Lime Bitters, Tropical, Lemon & Mint, Raspberry, Pink GrapeFruit, Lemon Ice Tea, Watermelon & Strawberry
Lebanese Coffee
Caffe Najjar
Lipton Ice Tea
Peach, Lemon & Raspberry
Strawberry Lychee, Blue Lagoon, Sour Pomegranate, Virgin Mojito, Oasis (Tropical Pop), Pina Colada & Watermelon Blast.
Smoothies / Milkshakes
Berry, Banana, Mango, Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Vanilla & Oreo.
Soft Drink
$4 / $5
Coke, Coke No Sugar, Fanta, Sprite, Pepsi & Pepsi Max.
$4 / $10 Pot
Black Tea, Green Tea Earl Gray, Peppermint, Chamomile & Lemon Ginger
$3 / $4.5
Still or Sparkling


3 Angels
Passionfruit, Citrus & Mint
Double Melon Ice
The flavor that unites the excellent aroma of melon with the freshness of ice cream.
El Patron
Menthol, Passion fruit, Citrus
This taste of excellent sweet, juicy mango, with a small sourness of pineapple and pleasant freshness of mint, will make you remember the sea, sand and the sweetness of exotic fruits and possibly make you take a break to rest. We recommend everyone who is going on vacation to take with them.
Homer Simpson
Brings a mix of Mango and Banana in a creamy flavor reminiscent of ice cream
Izmir Romantic
Watermelon, Melon & mint
Joker 777
Asai, Blueberry & Grape
Lady Killer
Melon, Mango, Berries & Mint
Mango Tango
Mango Passion Fruit
Sheikh Money
Pineapple Fruit Mix
Tinky Winky
Grapefruit, Sour Lime, Passion Fruit & Mint
Full-bodied blueberries, delicate in taste and fragrance
Double Apple
Featuring the sweetness of red apples and the crisp sourness of green apples, you will also taste the unmistakable undertones of anise (black licorice)
Al Fakher Grape takes the vibrant flavor of white grapes and underlines them with a unique undertone. You’ll never mistake this flavor for another.
Al Fakher Lemon we’d put good money down that you could guess the flavor of Al Fakher Lemon because, well, it’s lemon! Experience the primarily sweet flavor of citrus lemon that also gives a subtle sourness as well.
Primarily sweet with the flavors of orange, you’ll also experience a touch of the natural sourness that comes with citrus fruits.
Alaskan Ice
As cold as the snow-capped mountains that litter Alaska’s horizon, this new flavor from Azure Tobacco boasts the powerfully icy taste of mint. All you mint-fanatics out there will be perfectly happy smoking this shisha on its own or in a blend, as it can easily mixed with a variety of different shishas.
Apple Cider
The moment coals touch the Apple Cider shisha from Azure Tobacco, you’ll be transported to a place where it’s autumn, the leaves are changing colors, and the weather is nice and cool. Inspired by the popular fall drink, the flavors of spiced green apples (think cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice type spices) will be the main focus here, and as usual with Azure, you can expect thick white clouds throughout your session.
Bermuda Mint
Azure Gold Line Bermuda Mint is a new, exclusive blend of minty flavors that is sure to be a top choice. This is our strongest mint for all the mint lovers out there.
Black Tea
Inspired by a blend of the finest Chinese and Indian black teas, this flavorful and slightly sweet black tea flavor will be the perfect addition to your bowl
Blueberry Muffin
Using the same pastry-esque flavors as their Lemon Muffin flavor, Azure Tobacco has created blueberry muffin. Mixing prominent blueberry with light notes of pastry and spice, this shisha flavor is just like taking a bite of a golden brown blueberry muffin. It’ll compliment your morning cup of coffee perfectly!
California Blue
Who spilled mint all over my blueberries!? Oh, it was Azure Tobacco! Expertly blending a fresh, cooling mint with the natural sweetness of blueberry, this flavor is a refreshing smoke perfect for any situation. We recommend trying this flavor blend out with a pinch of your favorite lime flavor, creating a refreshing blueberry limeade mixture.
Cinnamon Cookies
Cinnamon Cookies is just like a sweet sugar cookie sprinkled with a dash of cinnamon resulting in a sweet flavor with a mild cinnamon spice. Azure has shown with several of their previous blends that they know how to create a decadent shisha flavor. Do not smoke this blend if you’re hungry, you’ll only make your sweet tooth cravings stronger.
Cool Cucumber
Azure Gold Line’s Cool Cucumber is a refreshing light cucumber with a zesty twist. This unique flavor is perfect for those who enjoy a crisp, clean taste.
Many of us here at Hookah-Shisha are outspoken grapefruit fans, so Azure Cosmos has very quickly become a regular contender in our bowls. Prominent grapefruit flavors will combine with undertones of raspberry to provide a flavor that is out of this world.
Down Under
Blueberry, Kiwi & Mint
Hokkaido Melon
Perfectly sweet Melon with slightly sour undertones, be transported to Japan with every puff!
Lemon Muffin
Azure Gold Line Lemon Muffin hookah tobacco is a delicious baking muffin with lemon that will appeal to all lovers of baking, without exception.
Lemon Sage
A strong sour lemon flavour and with awesome hints of herb on the exhale.
Life’s a Peach
Life’s A Peach brings you that natural southern peach flavor. Juicy, smooth peach with a little tang picked right off the tree.
The sour, yet slightly sweet, taste of citrus limes can be found in the Lime shisha from Azure Tobacco! Simply a single note, straightforward lime that adds a citrus-ey kick to your smoke.
Lychee is exactly what you would expect – the lychee fruit! Blending the natural flavors of the lychee fruit in this shisha flavor, you’ll find a fruity sweetness with subtle herbal undertones while smoking this flavor.
Mango Cheesecake
Combining the sweet, natural flavors of mango with the creamy, dessertiness of cheesecake results in a delicious dessert flavor that will be sure to satisfy.
Matcha Mint
Mmm, one of our favorite green teas! Matcha is a tasty variety of green tea made with a powdered leaf, and it’s been fantastic at every lounge we’ve been to…but what doesn’t go better with a healthy dose of sweet mint? Delish.
Melon Mania
Azure Tobacco’s Melonmania feels like someone invited a whole bunch of melons to a party, and we honestly couldn’t be happier! As expected, you’ll experience a melon heavy blend of cantaloupe, honey dew, and notes of sweet watermelon throughout this shisha tobacco flavor.
Mexi Cola
As you may have guessed, Mexi Cola from Azure Tobacco is a “cola” or classic soda-pop shisha flavor, however there is a twist! While still undoubtedly a “cola” flavor, there’s a unique undertone to this tobacco that pushes it into newer territory than their traditional “cola”.
Moscow Never Sleeps
Stay up all night with this delicious blend from Azure Tobacco. Moscow Never Sleeps combines the flavor of sweet berry with a citrus lime and an undertone of cooling mint throughout. Exceptional as a solo flavor, we always recommend getting creative and trying out some new flavor mixes, so let us know what you like to mix this flavor with!
Napa Grape
Napa Grape offers the unmistakable flavor of red grapes, but not the candy sweet grape flavors that other flavors offer. While still sweet, you’ll find this hookah flavor to contain more of a mild sweetness with subtle notes of earthiness underneath, much like the grape notes you would find in a bottle of red wine!
Pep Cream
It took us only two puffs to become big fans of Azure Tobacco’s peppermint flavoring as showcased in their Rio Mint, and we feel confident that this Pep Cream will become a regular addition to our shisha rotations as well! In addition to the flavor of ice cold peppermint, you’ll experience a sweet vanilla cream that brings exceptional balance to this hookah flavor.
Persian Rose
The Persian Rose blend is made up of a mixture of pomegranate and rose elements to create this floral and vibrant flavor. It smells natural, passionate, vibrant, fruity and a little dark. Persian Rose is a unique flavor that you can’t get anywhere else, and it is one you must try.
Rio Mint
We’ve never been to Rio, but we have smoked Rio Mint from Azure Tobacco! Each pouch contains the unmistakable aroma and flavor of cold peppermint that is just oh so tasty. Adding a pleasant cooling effect to any bowl, Rio Mint has definitely found its way into our regular shisha rotation.
Root Beer
Technically speaking, we know that actual Root Beer is flavored with a whole bunch of ingredients (nutmeg, sassafras, anise, etc.), however there’s no better way to describe it other than “root beer” flavor. Azure Tobacco’s Root Beer shisha is a faithful adaptation of the popular soda that will be sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Creamy, sweet, and spiced all in the same package, what could be better?
Route 66
We’re not sure what the famous Route 66 has to do with this shisha tobacco, however Azure Tobacco’s Route 66 flavor does take us on a journey! Right out of the gate, you’ll experience a prominent passionfruit flavor. On the exhale, the sharp passionfruit is mellowed out by smooth melon, and the whole thing is complimented by a cooling mint throughout. Fantastic as a standalone flavor or as the start of a unique blend, we definitely recommend giving this one a shot.
Royal Mango
Get a taste of royalty with Azure Tobacco’s Royal Mango flavor. This single note flavor features a sweet, fresh mango flavor that’ll make you want to go out and stock up on some tropical mangoes. Because this is a single note flavor, it is able to be mixed with a variety of other flavors with relative ease, so get creative and try something new!
Sweet Summer Sun
Grab yourself a bowl of this cereal inspired shisha flavor from Azure Tobacco. A creamy, milky flavor is the foundation of Sweet Summer Sun with sweet citrus flavors building on top to create a bowl of cereal in smoke form! Pack a bowl, put your coals on, and pour yourself a big bowl of cereal and get ready for the unique flavor of Sweet Summer Sun.
Sharpen your axe and take a swing at this citrus mint blend from Azure Tobacco. Citrus flavors, such as lemon and lime, are the most prominent scents in Tomahawk, but you’ll notice a cooling mint undertone throughout your bowl. Throw on your swim trunks and immerse yourself in this tropical citrus flavor.
Tropical Paradise
Tropical Paradise gives you a pineapple heavy, coconut influenced sweet smooth smoke. The coconut helps the mix not get too sweet and subtle undertones of orange peak through to make a nice tropical smoothie flavor. This flavor delivers the refreshing, summer vibes of sippin’ on a delicious cocktail next to the pool. Whatever Azure did here hit it spot on.
We can’t say for sure if unicorns are real or not (we want to belieeeeve), but what we do know for sure is that Unicorn from Azure Tobacco is a winner. Mixing mythical melon flavors with a cooling spearmint, Unicorn is a cool, fruity blend that combines well with a variety of other shisha flavors. Hop in the saddle and take a ride with Azure Unicorn.
Everybody loves watermelon, right? The ultimate summer taste. Mix it in a drink, eat it straight up, or enjoy some watermelon candy! The latter is what Azure is going for in this shisha flavor. A sweet candied watermelon flavor that you are sure to enjoy.
White Gummy Bear
A fruity blend with a tropical twist that gives off the familiar impression of a white gummy bear
Winter Orange
One of the flavors in Azure Tobacco’s “Winter” collection, Winter Orange is an icy blend of citrus orange and cold mint that creates a chilling, citrus blend. A wonderful orange mint flavor, Winter Orange is able to stand up on its own, but is a perfect flavor to create interesting new flavor blends. Get creative and let us know what mixes you came up with!
Blue Lit
Relax your mind with this icy delight that will spark your senses of fresh blueberries. Smoke this refreshingly tangy flavor to blast your taste buds with a frosty and fruity taste that will take you on a memorable and chilly journey.
Caribbean Nights
We’ve combined the perfect mix of exotic fruits, so you won’t have to worry about mixing anything with it. This one is full of flavors that you’ve never tasted before but trust us, you’ll definitely come back for more.
Lemon Lit
This is definitely one that’s going to wake your taste buds right up. The combination of zesty lemon and icy cold is going to instantly chill you in the most refreshing way.
Lime Lit
The perfect sweet citrus taste of lime and cool arctic taste come together seamlessly in our lime ice flavor. The bright flavor, the smoke, there’s nothing more satisfying.
Milkin’ Cookies
Immerse yourself into this flavor and be ready to crave it over and over again. A warm, buttery cookie taste with the perfect glass of cold milk is the ideal sweet treat to end your day with.
Peach Lit
A perfect flavor for anyone at any time. Your taste buds will be filled with a delicious peach taste and a chilly sensation giving you all sorts of fuzzy feelings.
Red Lips
A true classic taste that everyone can enjoy. The taste of fresh strawberries mixed with a creamy milkshake will have you indulging in that sweet tooth over and over.
Smoothie Sunshine
You’ll enjoy this so much you’ll think you’re on an island resort. The classic tastes of sweet mango, tropical pineapple, and summery strawberries are going to make this flavor a crowd favorite.
Watermelon Lit
What’s more refreshing than an icy cold watermelon? This is a great flavor to cool down your senses on hot summer days…or whenever.
Creamy sweet banana
Bounty Hunter
A tropical coconut shisha flavour. When smoked, it resembles coconut ice cream, sweet and refreshing.
The aroma is as close as possible to the natural sweet, invigorating taste of the famous carbonated drink. DS Cola can be classified as a sweet-spicy flavor.
Falling Star
DarkSide Tobacco Falling Star is a sweet tropical mix, a classic duo of mango and passion fruit.
Ice Granny
it tastes like a creamy green apple, with a very very distant sweet, slightly anise finish!
Lemon Blast
An incredibly rich lemon flavor. It will delight you with its natural taste and reveal a lemon bouquet in its best traditions.
Pineapple Pulse
Sweet taste of pineapple pulp with a slight sour aftertaste. It will be a great addition to the mixes, and it will also be quite comfortable and pleasant to smoke solo!
Polar Cream
delicate, gentle and magical taste of the most delicate pistachio mousse. Polar Cream has become one of the undoubted successes of DarkSide mixologists, who combined the refreshing coolness of ice cream, mint and the tantalizing aroma of roasted pistachios.
A a super-refreshing mix for true connoisseurs of cold in a hookah. The combination of mint and menthol will satisfy the craving for fresh smoke and will be a great addition to almost all flavoring bouquets.
Wild Forest
Multifaceted taste of wild berries. Here, gradually in the process of smoking, you will find sweet, tender strawberries, sour blueberries, ripe blackberries and refreshing red currants. A bright aroma that just blows your head immediately will relax you and create a good mood. Wild berries are suitable both for smoking solo and for creating all kinds of mixes. We recommend!
Banana Mama
The flavor of a banana is usually referred to as dessert flavors. And there is some truth in this. Banana tobacco is quite sweet, but at the same time gentle, it is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. The top mixes are definitely the combination of banana with strawberries and banana with ice cream. We advise!
Candy Cow
Sweet, rich flavor of creamy caramel, reminiscent of a favorite candy flavor from childhood. Must Have – made from Burley tobacco, harvested in seven countries around the world. A medium-strength tobacco with bright, hyper-natural flavors and faint notes of tobacco leaf.
Cherry Cola
A cool mix based on the American cult drink – cola with wild sour and sweet garden cherries! Great for solo! It also plays great in mixes.
Coconut Shake
A very delicate, coconut shake with a slight aftertaste of milk. Delicate fragrant and very pleasant.
A delicious flavor for anyone who loves the taste of cookies and cream. Combining crispy shortbread chocolate chip cookies and a creamy filling, this shisha flavor is sure to satisfy taste buds and bring a great sweet aroma to all shisha sessions.
Frosty shisha is like a cold winter day in the best way possible! It refreshes your senses and lifts your spirits with a delicious, exotic twist.
Lemon Lime
Citrus sweet and sour taste based on ripe lime and juicy Sicilian lemon slices. A good and rich mix that will appeal to lovers of sour notes in hookah
Mad Pear
Cool mono flavor from the maker Mast Have! Bright and juicy pear! Reminds the taste of Duchess. Great for smoking in its pure form and in mixes! Amazing aroma and thick clouds of smoke.
Milky Rice Staff Pick
Surprisingly delicate subtle nostalgic aroma of sweet milk rice porridge. Perfectly fits into mixes and also smokes nicely in solo.
Extravagant taste of caramelized banana flavored with coconut flakes. An interesting sweet mix based on a ripe banana with sweet coconut pulp and delicate caramel. Dessert combination is suitable for any mood.
Pineapple Rings
Juicy taste of pineapple rings in its own juice. Good both in solo and in mixes with sour tastes.
A mix of pink grapefruit and strawberries, supplemented with raspberry syrup. This is definitely one of the top flavors in the line. Must Have – made from Burley tobacco, harvested in seven countries around the world. A medium-strength tobacco with bright, hyper-natural flavors and faint notes of tobacco leaf.
Rich natural sweet taste of homemade raspberry jam
Ruby Grape
Sweet taste of red ripe grapes from the maker Must Have! It will be great for smoking both in its pure form and in mixes!
Space Flavour
A cosmic combination of mango, passion fruit, and lychee, flavored with rose petals covered in cool morning dew.
Tropic Juice
An unusually rich blend of pineapple and ripe exotic passion fruit aromas.
Unicorn Treats
The taste of sweet corn sticks with fragrant marshmallow slices and pleasant creamy notes of meringue.


Cheese Platter $40

Cheese, Humus Dip, Crackers, Cream Cheese, Olive Dip, Carrots, Celery, Bread Sticks, Nuts, Pretzels & Assorted Fruits